Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

GLENDI Volunteers Join Us!

Dear Fellow Parishioners & Glendi Volunteers,

Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey has committed to a prime sponsorship for our GLENDI Ad Book.

He will be stopping by the St. George Community Center tomorrow, Friday July 17th at 10:30am and would like to meet some GLENDI volunteers and hear your story as far as what your role is in GLENDI and how long you have volunteered at the church. I hope we can get good attendance in order to meet and greet one of our prime sponsors of GLENDI 2015. If you are able to join us please try to get to the community center about 10:15am.

I apologize for the short notice but he is in New Hampshire today and tomorrow and he asked if it would be ok to stop by and meet some of our volunteers.

I am sure he will be joining us over the GLENDI weekend but he also wanted to have more of an informal setting to thank you for your work on behalf of our community and meet with you personally before we get to that very busy weekend.

I hope you can have a good turnout to meet the Governor and also to thank him for his support of GLENDI 2015.

Again I apologize for the short notice and hope you can join us tomorrow in the community center.

Thank You,

George N. Copadis

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